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goog and bad news...

2009-07-03 18:27:57 by Hugosimpson

- well, let's star with the bad news:
Akuma vs. Gouken is CANCELLED!
i'm sorry for the people who were looking forward to this movie, but i very quickly lost interest in making it, i also think there are more interesting things to animate than two shotos with almost identical moves

- the good news:
i'm beginning a new series, titled "Metal Slug Wars"
i think it's obvious that i'll be using MS sprites for these movies :P
if you don't like metal slug, then just don't watch it!
the first part of the series will be released some time NEXT WEEK :D

don't worry, i'll still be animating sprite fights, i just gotta get some ideas :D

UPDATE 07/07/09:
Movie is out, enjoy! :D
click here

UPDATE 08/07/09:
I won an award! :DDDD
Daily 3rd place!
Thanks to all the viewers who voted!

goog and bad news...


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2009-07-03 18:39:09



2009-07-03 20:47:38

good to have u back

Hugosimpson responds:

thanks :D


2009-07-04 00:24:26

my best wishes are with you.

Hugosimpson responds:

thanks man!


2009-07-04 16:27:11

Told you doing big sprite movies is boring.
Except you get a lots of new ideas and lose interest.

Getting a tablet soon

Hugosimpson responds:

tablet? you gonna start drawing?


2009-07-04 19:53:45

good luck:/

Life is all about MK and SF animation...not Metal Slug.

I've seen Metal Slug animations, they are good but not mind blowing.

good luck

Hugosimpson responds:

i think it's all a matter of taste...


2009-07-05 02:41:57

Metal Slug Wars. Did you get the Metal Slug Idea from 32-bit tournament-2? Use the giant red lobster!

Hugosimpson responds:

nah man, i've been starting this movie right after i released my 3rd movie, stopped there once in a while, your 32-bit tournament did give me that last push i needed to complete it ^^
yeah i will be using the lobster, i'm planning on using it in the 2nd part of the series :D


2009-07-05 16:27:14

Go sprites!


2009-07-07 07:05:10

The Movie Was Awesome!


2009-07-07 10:35:04

I saw you meatal slug war movie, I myself have never played the game (wish that I have though...) but I think your movie was rather good. Ill keep a look out for #2. Next time may be have a sniper rifle in there ;)


2009-07-08 09:52:38

nice movie man it deserves that award ill keep an eye out for the sequel .... be sure to put many exploations ;^P


2009-07-08 09:59:28

Congrats! I was surprized when I saw you in todays best to! Usually pixil stuff isnt that popular.


2009-07-08 20:02:54

yay, no more generic hadouken orgies.
also, Metal slug wars part 1 was awesome.

Hugosimpson responds:

"hadouken orgies"


2009-07-18 05:13:00

new post check it ooot


2009-07-22 09:50:24

update on post
check it out if ya can


2009-08-08 02:43:08

great job on with metal slug wars but will there be anymore mugen flashes?


2009-08-30 12:21:43

new news post


2009-09-09 07:46:52

Omg is there an updated news post on my page?


2009-09-09 07:47:28

Alter was geht man?
Was gibts neues?
Machst was neues? :D

Hugosimpson responds:

nichts neues, zu faul :D
was mit dir? wann kommt TUPT 2 endlich raus???


2009-09-23 14:50:24

Manchmal glaube ich "Fuck auf das"
aber danach arbeite ich wieder daran usw usw XD

Langsam wirds eh schon fertig sein ^^


2010-09-30 12:01:29

Bro my movie is out.
TUPT-2. got check it